Flooding can cause substantial property damage, resulting in costly home repairs and the loss of personal possessions. That’s why flood insurance can be a valuable investment for many homeowners.

Despite common misconception, standard homeowners insurance generally excludes losses related to flood damage. As such, you will likely need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy to protect against this risk. Consider obtaining flood insurance if your home meets any of the following criteria:

·        Your home sits near a body of water. Even small amounts of precipitation can cause rivers and lakes to overrun their banks. Overflows can flood nearby areas.

·        Your home is in a very dry area. Flooding can happen when dry areas receive a lot of rain in a short time. The earth cannot absorb the water fast enough, thus resulting in flooding.

·        Your home sits on a flat area. Water can pool quickly and flood in flat areas, as it has no way to run off to a lower elevation.

·        Your local area receives lots of snow. Flooding can occur when snow and ice melt. When frozen precipitation thaws and runs off, it can affect areas that are usually not a risk for rising water.

·        Your home sits near areas with bad drainage. Most areas have laws that require water drainage systems in residential places. However, drainage systems may be old. These systems might not be able to cope with the sudden impact of extreme precipitation. Flood chances increase if your drainage system can’t keep up with precipitation.

You should always consider the risks of floods when moving into a home. Some areas at high risk for floods require residents to have flood insurance. When buying insurance for a home, inquiring about flood insurance is an important step.

If you have questions about securing flood insurance, or would like an estimate, we can help. Call A-Best Insurance at 713-681- 1967 for a free Houston flood insurance quote.

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