Driving without a license is an offence in the state of Texas under Chapter 521 of the Texas Code of Transportation according to which all persons operating a vehicle on a highway should carry a driver’s license that is valid. Violation of this law will result in a charge of misdemeanor. The consequences of driving without a license may become progressively more severe if the offence has been repeated multiple times. The penalty for violating this law is

  • If it a first time offence then a fine no greater than $200 will be charged.
  • For violating this law for the second time within a year of the first offense then a fine ranging from $25 to $200 will be imposed.
  • In case the offense is repeated for the third time within a year of the second offence then it will result in a fine ranging up to $500 along with time in jail for duration no less than 72 hours and not more than 6 months.

Penalties beside a Fine
Besides the fine, the offender may have to pay certain other fees and costs as well for driving without a license in the state of Texas. For example, Driver Responsibility Program has been instituted by the state of Texas which is mandatory for certain violations related to vehicles. Driving without a license in one of the offenses and the offender will have to pay a surcharge of $100 per year for three years after he has committed the offense.

Besides the fine, some restrictions might also be imposed on the offender, such as revocation of the existing driver license. The offense of driving without a license is different from driving with a license that has been revoked or suspended. Both these offenses are misdemeanors. However, driving with a license that has been suspended is a more serious offense with more penalties.

Some department of judiciary may also require that the defendant’s vehicle should be impounded and towed and the offender will have to bear those costs as well.

The total fine the offender might have to pay in case he is caught driving without a license is largely up to the Judge presiding over the case. In order to know the exact cost of the offence you should visit the local municipality


In Case a Minor Gets Caught Driving Without a License
In case the offender is a minor then in addition of the fine the total cost will also include impounding fee, towing cost, and court fee. The car will be impounded even if the car is owned by the parents of the minor. The fine may be up to $200 in addition to the other costs mentioned. The offence will only show in the records of the minor and it might affect the time period until the minor can obtain a license when he/she attains the suitable age. In addition to the records the minor might also have to spend 6 months to a year in a juvenile correctional facility depending on the severity of the offence or might only be charged with a few hours of community service. In some cases parents might also be charged for negligence and allowing their child to drive a car when he is a minor.

Driving without a license is a serious offence and should be avoided at all costs..

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