Commercial vehicles are an important aspect of many businesses. These vehicles help companies transport equipment, goods, products, people and more. Purchasing them can be expensive and keeping them safe is crucial so your business can continue running.

Below are some ways you can keep your commercial vehicles protected both on and off the road.

Conduct Background Checks
Before letting anyone behind the wheel of your business’ vehicles, all potential drivers should be vetted for their driving record. Drivers with poor driving records may be more likely to be involved in an accident in the future. Having a high-risk driver on your commercial auto insurance policy can also raise your insurance rates.

Keep Commercial Vehicles Covered 
If possibly, keep commercial vehicles in parking garages or under covered parking, as well as in well lit areas. Covered parking can help prevent environmental damage such as hail, wind and falling objects. Keeping the vehicles in well lit areas can help deter theft and vandalism.

Double Check Your Commercial Auto Insurance Policy 
If your business has commercial vehicles, you should have a commercial auto insurance policy. This insurance protects commercial vehicles in case of injury, damage and liability. A full coverage commercial auto insurance policy may include:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive coverage provides compensation for damages to the insured vehicle caused by fire, wind, hail, lightning, smoke, theft, vandalism and more. 
  • Collision Coverage: Collision coverage provides compensation for damages to the insured vehicle caused by a collision with another vehicle or object. 
  • Liability: Liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage a driver may cause while operating the insured vehicle. 
  • Medical Payments: This insurance covers medical bills for the driver and their passengers, no matter who causes the accident. 
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: This insurance covers expenses related to an accident involving a driver who is not carrying insurance.


There are different coverages also available depending on your insurance needs. Make sure that your limits are enough to cover an accident in your commercial vehicles, as well as accounting for a possible lawsuit.

Update Locks and Theft Prevention 
All vehicles owned or used by your business should come with anti-theft locks. If they are kept in a garage or warehouse, the structure should also be safeguarded against break-ins. Safeguarding your commercial vehicles can not only prevent theft and vandalism, but it can also lower your commercial auto insurance rates.

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