Tired of your day job and want to start a business? Just looking for a side hustle that can bring in some extra cash? Luckily not all business ideas require getting venture capital and creating twenty page business plans. Here are five businesses that you can start this month and see your bank balance start to rise:

  1. Reselling New and Used Items: From books to boots there are options to sell both new and used items from the comfort of your home. For those who love the thrill of finding hidden gems at thrift stores, you can sell your finds on eBay or other sites. There’s also money made by purchasing new items, often found on clearance shelves, and sending them to Amazon as a seller in the Fulfilled By Amazon program. Start small by investing $100 in products, and then reinvest your profits in more.
  2. House Cleaning: Starting a cleaning business requires little more than getting your business known. Print up some business cards and give them to realtors and friends. Post photos of them to your social media accounts. The start up cost is low; in most situations, your clients will have the cleaning products they prefer on hand. However, always ensure you obtain appropriate operating licenses as needed.
  3. Pet Sitting: A low-cost business idea perfect for animal lovers! Print fliers listing what services you provide and the areas you serve. Then, pass them out to people you meet at the pet park. Distribute them to animal clinics and pet stores. However, be sure to buy the correct business insurance to cover you in the event of an accident.
  4. Working As A Virtual Assistant: Use your computer and communication skills to handle the email, customer service, and social media needs of others. You can choose to do what you excel in and then work for several clients.
  5. Tutoring: From young children and college students to adults preparing for a professional exam, there are many opportunities to tutor. You need little more than a passion for helping people and knowledge in a specific area. There are also opportunities to tutor online using Skype or with companies that cater to a certain subject area. Keep in mind, however, accreditation or other licensing might prove necessary.

All five of these business ideas generally need little money to get started. You could even start your business today. Be sure to print up business cards or fliers to hand out. Make your services known on social media and tell everyone you know. Don’t forget to contact us at A-Best insurance agent about getting business insurance so that you have proper coverage.

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