To be a safe driver, you must ensure you’re able to drive properly. Many people get behind the wheel when they are really too tired to drive. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports tired driver caused 846 fatal accidents occurred in 2014. They also note that 83,000 accidents occurred as a result of drowsy driving.

Your auto insurance providers want to ensure you are a safe driver. Driving while tired can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. This makes you a high-risk driver. It also causes your car insurance rates to go up. There are steps you can take to avoid this. The most important is not getting behind the wheel if you are drowsy. But, how do you know you are too tired to drive?

#1: Notice Your Physical Signs of Drowsiness

Your body tells you when you are drowsy and need to sleep. You are yawning often. You are unable to keep your eyes open. If you were alone for just a minute, you would fall asleep. You feel as though you cannot keep your head up. If any of this occurs, avoid getting behind the wheel. You could doze off at the worst possible time.

#2: You Cannot Remember Driving

Let’s say you get in the car. You drive for a few minutes. But, you don’t remember those last few miles. Did you go through the intersection? Did you have to stop at the light? If you cannot remember these instances, chances are good you not fit to operate a vehicle.

#3: You Have Risk Factors for Being Too Tired

Sometimes, you should not try to drive even if you feel fine. This is because you have other factors putting you at risk:

  • You did not get 7 or more hours or sleep in the last night or two.
  • You were driving alcohol within the last four to five hours.
  • You are driving a long distance. If so, be sure you take a break at least every 100 miles.


You do not want to file car insurance claims for accidents caused by being drowsy. Yet, this is a common reason for individuals to see their auto insurance rates rise. If you had a hard day or did not get any sleep, it is important not to get behind the wheel.

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