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Flood Insurance Information

Texas has an assortment of terrain, some of which lends itself to flooding. Because of its shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico, many Texas homeowners are at risk for flooding. Other areas of the state experience flash floods, which can occur with no warning.

All homeowners need to know their homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood losses. Homeowners need to buy separate flood insurance policies to protect their homes, properties, and belongings.

Can Federal Disaster Assistance Help Homeowners?

Federal disaster assistance is only available if the U.S. president formally declares a disaster. However, even if you receive disaster assistance, it’s a loan that must be repaid with interest—and this loan is in addition to your mortgage loan that you may still be paying off.

Is Flood Insurance Available?

If you live in a Texas community that participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), you might be able to purchase an NFIP plan. The NFIP underwrites most flood insurance, usually through an insurance company or the NFIP Direct system. 

Two types of coverage are available: structure insurance, which protects your house, and contents coverage, which insures your belongings. Coverage may also be available for debris removal, loss avoidance and cost of compliance. At the A-Best Insurance Agency, our team can help determine the best flood coverage for your home, property and possessions.

What Coverage Does Flood Insurance Offer?

A flood insurance policy can protect your home and usually also covers:

·        Electrical and plumbing systems

·        Flood debris cleanup

·        Furnace, water heater and central air conditioning

·        Structural damage

When Is Flood Insurance Available?

Flood insurance doesn’t usually take effect until 30 days after purchasing a policy. Sometimes, if your lender requires that you have flood insurance to make, increase, extend or renew your loan, there won’t be a waiting period.

Protect Your Home and Livelihood

The A-Best Insurance Agency can help you determine suitable coverage that meets your budget. Call us today at 713-681-1967 to get started on your flood insurance policy.

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